Technical Details About Sharow

The star was very light in weight being no more than 50kgs. There were 2 x 13mm illuminated cables which had a peripheral length of 34m (each) which were bound together and secured to a simple braced wooden frame. There were four main lifting eye bolts at the centre of the frame from which the hanging ropes were attached. The power supply was from a single 13 amp plug from within the Church. The star was raised on 26th November 1999 to the top of the 75ft high church tower, despite near gale force winds. A team of 14 men, 6 of whom were lifting from the top of the tower, were involved in the raising of the star. The star itself was 46ft from top to bottom when suspended vertically. The star was visible from more than two miles away; both military and civil air traffic control were informed. We are not aware of any larger celebratory star to be erected in Yorkshire for the millennium.